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Fierce & Fit

Online Health Services for Women On-The-Go

Created by Certified Trainer, Michelle Riley. 

For women who want to bring their Fiercest & Fittest selves with max energy to both work and family while decreasing body fat, stress/anxiety, and creating healthy habits for an EMPOWERED life

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Meet Your Trainer

Hey Ladies! It’s me, Michelle, creator and owner of Fierce & Fit. I’ve been training and teaching for about 10 years as a Certified Personal Trainer & Group Ex Instructor. While I was getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Public health, it all came full circle. I was put on this earth as a resource to bring you optimal health through changing your lifestyle habits to increase your quality of life and happiness through mental and physical fitness! Busy women on-the-go sometimes forget about their own health and their own mental happiness. Having a background in Public Health has shown me the deficit of Women’s Healthcare and awareness. So, that’s what brings me here today. With my online services I am able to change women’s lives around the world so they can be their fiercest and fittest selves everyday while decreasing anxiety, stress, and depression.



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My Story 

I grew up in a loving family in Maryland with my Father from West Virginia and my Mother from Puerto Rico. They had my sister first who was my first friend and little miss bossy pants. We were your average family going on weekend adventures, visiting family, and as a family collecting Pokémon cards in the early 00’s. Unfortunately depression runs on my Father’s side of the family which ultimately led to my Father’s suicide when I was just 10 years old. My Mother, now had to become both roles of Mother and Father. She was always strong, worked everyday, and showed both my sister and I how to become strong/independent women. With our family of 3 we grew stronger than ever with love, laughter, and power. Yes, there were hard days but we prevailed as my Mother instilled a unique sense of true self empowerment between the 3 of us. Knowing depression runs in my family I’ve always had this sense of fear that this would happen to me. I’m not sure exactly what sparked this fire in my soul; but I began working out, eating healthy, and always making time for friends/family with long talks, weekend getaways, and laughter. I always knew in my soul that I would never want anyone to experience the sadness that my Father had and that if there was anything I could do to help others, I would. That's when I started teaching fitness classes, Training, and going to school for Public Health in order to touch as many people as I could with the power of Preventative Health. I want to bring all of my clients and everyone I talk to the joy I have within me and the true care I have for each person I train. I want to teach women the importance of self care and the importance of investing in your health. Not just physically, but mentally. My story is not here to make you sad or to feel bad for me, rather to inspire you and motivate you to be your absolute healthiest and happiest self through true confidence and self empowerment. 


RIP John Riley 1954-2001

Featured On: Badass Women’s Council Podcast

Take a listen to this inspiring, motivation, and empowering podcast led by Ted Talk’s very own Rebecca Hession as she interviews Michelle about the importance of Living Intentionally



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