Custom Online Coaching Services

  • Tailored workouts for busy professional women
  • Customized meal plans without restrictions
  • Daily habits designed to accommodate your routine
  • Endless accountability and motivation from your Coach, Michelle Riley


The pandemic hit us all HARD and even though it's been a couple of years since the beginning, we're all still adjusting to this NEW way of living. For us professional women, that might now be working from home and/or at the office with new accommodations. Unfortunately, the effects of the pandemic are still all too real and we've been putting our physical and mental health on the back burner. Maybe going back to the gym isn't an option for you, but now as you've been trying to adjust to this new way of life with your profession and your family intact, you've forgotten the most important part...YOU! 



I get it, we're all figuring out how to navigate this new world, but please... STOP running yourself to complete exhaustion so that your daily stress only increases while your physical health slowly deteriorates with unwanted weight gain an/or body aches and pains. And believe me, there's absolutely no reason for you to have to step foot into a gym if you don't want to. Let me, your Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach SHOW you how to put yourself first by creating a wellness plan so specific to you, your professional, and your family needs that you will finally be able to feel like yourself again...or maybe even one better, finally understanding that in order to attend to your family, your flourishing career, and your social life you MUST make yourself a priority through investing in your HEALTH!



Let's see exactly where you're at currently in your daily routine and what goals you want to achieve in your health in order for me to personally create a tailored daily health routine that aligns with said goals. It's my duty as your Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach to put a plan together specifically for you that only enhances your current daily routine by making YOU the main character. With custom daily workouts that you can either do in the comfort of your own home and/or gym along with custom nutrition coaching and habit based coaching that will ensure you're staying on track to reach your goals with endless motivation and accountability. It's just like having your very own Personal Health & Wellness Coach in the palm of your own hand, seriously, you can take me anywhere which is the beauty of my personalized Online Training services!



Custom Daily Workouts

I personally create quick, 30-45 minute workouts you do on YOUR time, according to your fitness goals (with former injuries accounted for) and what equipment you have access to in your home and/or at the gym. I show you how to do each exercise with proper form while also giving you what weights to use. Note: If you're traveling I will accommodate workouts accordingly. 

Custom Nutrition Coaching

According to your specific goals and lifestyle I create custom, yet flexible Meal Plans that suite your daily needs and calculate your specific nutritional targets for proper fuel for your body. Track your meals daily in my app so I can monitor, reflect, and leave feedback to ensure you're staying accountable for your nutrition targets. 

Daily Communication, Check-ins, and Tracking

Along with in app messaging support, weekly check ins, and monthly progress tracking (via weigh ins and progress pics), we also have monthly video calls in the app so we can touch base and make sure your tailored program is aligned with your needs and goals. If not, we will adjust your program accordingly to accommodate any tweaks and changes needed to hit your goals.

Client Testimonials

Emily's 16 Week Transformation

"I am overwhelmingly grateful for Michelle's approach to fitness and nutrition. The whole-body approach she takes, emphasizing the importance wellness for both physical and mental health, made me for comfortable right off the bat. I always feel supported - there is never a pressure to lose weight fast for short periods of time, Michelle is more about teaching us how to take care of ourselves so that we can be strong and healthy for the long run. So empowering and supportive."

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Video Testimonial

Amanda C.


Jen's 12 Week Transformation

"I've never been able to stick with a workout and nutrition routine for more than 2-4 weeks. With Michelle's professional guidance and accountability I've been able to actually ENJOY my daily routine and have someone in my corner to look out for my best interest each and every day."

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Video Testimonial

Brooke N.


Jewel's 20 Week Transformation

"I'm loving everything about this process. Loving the habit reinforcement, loving the menu ideas, loving the workouts and reinforcements. I'm looking forward to every new day!"

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Online Training Options



Starting at $140 per week

This is my most popular and most effective method of reaching your optimal health goals fast as I take you by the hand and give you daily, specific coaching and guidance through your transformation

Daily Custom Workouts

Custom Weekly Meal Plans

Custom Macro Breakdown

Daily Food Tracking

Monthly Recipe Pack & Grocery List

Habit Based Coaching

(Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST) Messaging and Monthly Coaching Calls



Online Personal Training OR Nutrition Coaching & Habit Based Coaching


Starting at $70 per week

Already have a fitness OR nutrition routine? Let me help you with the other aspect of health as they go hand in hand in getting you to your optimal health faster

Nutrition Coaching ONLY:

Custom Weekly Meal Plans

Custom Macro Breakdown

Daily Food Tracking

Monthly Recipe Pack & Grocery List

Habit Based Coaching 

(Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST) Messaging and Monthly Coaching Calls

Online Training ONLY:

Daily Custom Workouts

General Meal Plan

Monthly Recipe Pack & Grocery List

Habit Based Coaching

(Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST) Messaging and Monthly Coaching Calls



Habit Based Coaching Only


Starting at $40 per week

Already have a fitness and nutrition regimen? Let me be your Wellness Coach to maintain your accountability and motivation by:

Creating custom habits based off YOUR needs

Making sure you check in for these habits on the app

Monthly Recipe Pack & Grocery List

(Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST) Messaging and Monthly Coaching Calls 




For more cost effective training along with added accountability from your partner(s), try my Partner Online Training and/or Nutrition Coaching with Habit Based Coaching.

Make sure to find a partner who has similar goals to you as all workouts are the same. Nutrition plans will vary.

Need me to find your plus one? Apply below and there will be a special section for you to fill out for me to find your perfect match.


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Let's see if you're the right fit for Fierce & Fit Online Training. I am looking for Women who are serious about changing their lives and super motivated to do what it takes to reach their fitness goals! *AFTER APPLYING BELOW you will be redirected to my private booking portal to schedule your free 45 minute consultation call*

F&F Online Training F.A.Q.s

1. What's the difference between Online Training and In Person Training? Well the main one is that it's all done virtually. You no longer need to schedule in person training sessions as I upload your workouts at the beginning of the week. It is up to you when you complete these daily workouts and when you fit them in your schedule. 

2. How many workouts do I get per week? You get up to 6 workouts per week all including clips of me showing you how to do each exercise with proper form including verbal cueing.

3. Where is the Accountability aspect if it's Online? For workouts in my private training app I am notified when you've completed a workout. I send frequent reminders throughout the day if you have not yet completed your workout.I recommend you sync your Fitbit or Apple Watch to the app so I can track your heart rate and energy expenditure. Nutritionally, you are able to sync your MY FITNESS PAL app to my private app. From there I am able to track your daily menu as well as give you pointers/tweaks as I see fit. Personally, I find the accountability is more prevalent online vs. in person because I am able to watch your every move as well as know that you are working out more than the common 2-3x a week in person.

4. What if I'm on vacation or sick one week? If this happens I simply pause your training account and that week is not counted against you. When you return your training program will be exactly where you left off. 

5. How do I know if I'm doing it all correctly? What if I need to ask questions? With the 24/7 two-way messaging in the app I am able to answer all of your questions quickly. With your weekly coaching sessions we can discuss your form, technique, any obstacles you might be having trouble with in your training program as well as set weekly goals.

6. How do we track my progress? With Monthly measurements and photo diaries we are able to track your progress throughout your program. My private app will prompt you exactly where to take measurements and how to pose for pictures. These pictures are stored in the app for tracking, only you and I are able to view them.

7. What if I'm traveling and don't have my usual equipment? Let me research where you're staying and what gym amenities they have at your stay and I will create your workouts accordingly. No equipment at all? No problem, I can set up full body weight workouts that require zero equipment. 



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